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Chinese New Year on the Place D’Italie

January 27, 2012

red lanterns

dangle from

black trident lampposts,

clustered around still-standing postmodern silver Christmas tree.

Bonne Sante!  Joyeuse Fete!

Google Translate for the French phrases,

Wikipedia for the facts… with so much information a click or two away

we must redefine the verb: to know


does this mean we will soon have a new sales opportunity,

flattened of meaning for easy transportation,

slid into the commercial cycle,

snuggled between Christmas and St Valentine’s Day?

just add logo, makes its own sauce…


…the cynical line of thought is abandoned as the drumming begins

and a line of children, in Parisienne twos (a la Madelaine)

come brimming with red and bearing extra lanterns,

to face and be engulfed by

the raw power of ritual celebration.

They disappear, only to return in parade style,

down the pavement and back again,

with percussion and chilly wind and many following legs and cameras

Allez!  Year of the Dragon.

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