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it will not be titled

September 24, 2012

it will not be insisted,

for insistence crushes it


it will not be tied, bound, chained,

for it flows free, effortlessly escaping

from all bonds


it will not be discovered from aggressive, impatient search,

as if looking for misplaced keys or wallet,

and it will not be uncovered

through complex description, detailed direction,

or ruthless discipline


if it ever comes, it comes softly, unannounced,  

and sits quietly waiting to be noticed


it will not appear in its coat of many colours

in the midst of argument or debate,

but it may unfurl, unexpected,

before ignorance and knowledge alike


it is not arrived at by greater efficiencies, or

improved concurrence,

by this season’s new colours, or

a redoubling of efforts to improve


it will not be locked in a cage,

bedecked with jewels,

delivered through multiple channels to market,

or sophisticated and differentiated cleaning products 


its song is almost silence,

a breath in an empty room,

a single warm note on a mountaintop


it has neither deadlines nor milestones,

it has no key performance indicators,

it has no feedback, no awards;

it is without ownership,

it mobilises no resources,

and knows no targets

it is without glory


it is in between the lines,

and where the dust settles,

it is in the gaps, like stray grass

it taps on the cold glass


it is hiding in plain sight

it belongs

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