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Tuning in

January 15, 2013

the messages that come,
fleeting, subtle, intense,
floating into awareness

the electric shock of recognition:
the dream fragment, plus
the song on the radio, plus
the hyperspace jump to the instance of last week

accumulate, meditate, formulate,
breathe and know the moment

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  1. January 15, 2013 8:03 am

    i know we have gone into hyperdrive warp speed its in sydney too.i wish for the slow birthing process but many were taking advantage of that so weve switched…go god! kick those lazy people into the future tense of development of the soul….well i think i have cervival cancer again so im off to the docs.weird but this time i caught it early.this year is already lovely.we had huge dragon fly’s going about their business and i live in a magical area so there is always some cloud formation or random frog happening or the occasional meteor shower to behold…send pics of stuff if you have time mr scoddy.the poetry is spiralling upwards into a natural ari

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