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contrast of land

February 16, 2014

I grew up in a land
where history was
scrubbed thin
back to the bone

we discovered
they said
a naked land
unshaped except
by reasons of geology
a void upon which
civilisation could be built

the desert people who had
crossed the land bridge:
we did not call them ancestors;
our ancestors came by sea,
and lived by the sea

gradually the land
became agricultural, commercial
and civilised.
except for the desert,
where the desert people live

so I grew up in a land
where time did not pass
until the importation of the calendar

now I walk in a land
where the ancestors
still stroll ancient paths

ghosts gather
as if waiting for
the casting call for
a medieval saga
or costume drama

the thread is unbroken,
the accumulations thick,
towns buried under towns
streets buried under streets
time buried underneath
these footsteps

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