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incomplete catalogue of moments and how

April 5, 2014

how to judge the moment to massage a moment
into a moment that will last for more than a moment,
and how to let a moment drift,
slip from grip
gasp like an escaping fish in mid-leap

how to choose which moments to polish
and wrap in soft fabrics,
and which moments to hold loosely but firmly
with both hands,
balanced slightly angled to the right,
then step forward and drop onto the tightly laced boot
and follow through, follow through,
and watch the moment sail through
apparent goalposts,
perhaps to save the game in the 89th minute,
or perhaps to fly wide, into the street,
to be claimed by a passing child

how to choose which moments to grab
like a handrail on a passing train,
and risk horrors of skull and skeleton,
ripped flesh and squashed brain,
to chase a moment’s clarity,
pushed to the sublime by ridiculous act,
how leave fear on the platform to chase
a curious dichotomy of exhilaration and waste

how to reach across a moment,
ignoring the disagreements
voiced by the surrounding crowd
to stroke a moment
and by belief,
to know,
as the surrounding crowd condemns your sanity

how to harness the spray of each moment,
to all compass points
when overheated mind spins
and casts off seeds that sprout
or not:
perhaps lie dormant until ready for form

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