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white legs

May 14, 2015

I take my white legs for a walk
to watch familiarity and stereotypes
blur and reblur into each other,
mixing vaguely,
focusing and refocusing into each other

~ like the baffled trudge of the hungry tourists with bent necks
and geographical t-shirts
ticking boxes ~

~ like the Lexus filled with monks,
the rats scuttling on wires
coffee loyalty cards going at it like rabbits ~

~ like the indignant blurts in the face of
the wifi being down ~

~ like whether one ever gets used to early morning
wedding music ~

I hear the whisper of the soft fuzz of anger
downing conversations where the
edges that might soften and meld instead bleed

who carries rage, who carries joy,
who carries coconuts and lane-dried fish?

timing is everything, and
time is everywhere except
where one needs it, and
entropic time puts us here,
even as we try to move on

circling the monument is still the most uplifting moment

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