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fingers and fingertips

May 23, 2015

making a life and making a living out of fingers and fingertips and their sometimes erratic movement, their scrambling and tapping, pointing where necessary in their listening for direction, palpable in the search for the right word to match the reverberating sounds bouncing in the brain and the soul, guided by distant voices and blurry ends of tunnels

still they flex and turn thoughts into sounds, ringing out, calloused, sliding, slipping, on song while changing keys, more than a point and less than a handful, skimming, slicing, alluding, eliding, following, leading, restless drumming, snapping, clipping, turning dials and flipping switches and sliding faders

twirling fidgeting grasping, holding on holding on holding on, on edge hard with nail, soft with water, tapping, tapping, tapping, tapping, making a living and making a life

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