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a portrait of tailor and trade

January 20, 2017

approach, slowly, from a distance,
the artisan with the tools of trade,
handling the simple and magic objects
magnified and made magnificent
by the passing, hand over hand,
age by age

there is one tool to grasp the dimensions
via secret code
that will unlock the garment
hidden in the fabric,
contours replicated in numbers
to be unencrypted in time

there are the sacred lovers,
paper and pen,
so much better together than apart,
somewhat uneasily domesticated,
joining in
unmatrimonial glamour
to create powerful symbols
that speak of gods and angels

there are blades to slice and to cut,
threads and needles that
conjure illusions
out of the air,
to be draped over shoulders
and wrapped around breasts
and slipped around waists
making it look simple
making it all look so simple

approach, slowly, from a distance,
and circle around all sides,
because that which is beautiful is not always so
from all angles,
and when it is found
it must be seen
to be believed


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  1. Ari permalink
    February 22, 2017 7:43 am

    Thats amazing scott

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