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fade to light

March 5, 2017

fade to light
open me

in life we can only be
in one place
at a time
but in art
we can be all places
at the same time

the thing is,
you open up art
and it starts saying things to you

poetry is holding the guns at gunpoint
poetry is holding evil at bay
poetry is liberty in the face of all that is a prison
poetry is liberty in the cage of cages

poetry is human form
in the face of the inhuman
and to defy is not only inhumane
but to defy humanity

because the Humanity Project
is to bypass the petty,
is to reach beyond the family
is to extend beyond the district
is to stretch across landforms
and oceans – o, such oceans –
is that we should discover anew
what world we share
– o, such a world we share

not in somewhere else, some distant afterlife,
but the one we hold in our own tiny hands
the shards and the shimmers,
the moments of generosity and kindness
overwhelming in their own timely way,
for our own families
– our families chosen and unchosen –
that we may find a collective voice
to say: I love you

open me
fade to light


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