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the passing of a motodop

May 17, 2017

I couldn’t say that I knew him
but he was no stranger

we had more nods than words

when I needed I ride
I would seek him out
if I was near his territory,
but often I needed a ride
when he had already
retreated from the street
for the evening,
to wherever it was he went

he had more wrinkles than I,
fewer teeth

on the pillion behind him
I feared nothing – his
authoritative knowledge of
the ever-changing road and his
unflappable 30 km/h inspired
great faith

one hot day last year
I bought him a beer
and we drank silently
in the sun
waiting for something;
I forget what

his territory is now retired,
his last fare paid,
his last delivery delivered,
his Daelim inherited by another

he must have survived more
than I could imagine,
seen more than I can believe,
overcome more than I could conceive

and yet his public epitaph
may just be these few lines
from another universe
from someone who didn’t know him,
but was no stranger

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