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July 6, 2017

I am now a few months into my first lease in many years,
and suddenly I find I have accrued furniture, art, a cat,
and a landlord who is concerned that I am gaining weight,
and is encouraging me to exercise

he is unconvinced by my assurance that I am just
happy and prosperous, and perplexed by my insistence
that I have no interest in polluting that
by indulging in overactivity
or the boredomdeathstare of physical jerks

I say bicycle, he frowns, and talks martial arts
while performing demonstration kicks in the air;
I say singing and carrying gear up and down stairs
and he makes Khmer noises and giggles

we agree to disagree and I amble off to read in the shade,
he goes back to work until his retirement and then at last
have a chance to spend some time playing music and
maybe even gain some weight to go with his prosperity.


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