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240 Street

November 1, 2019

the tamarind trees are bushy with green
after their recent pruning
so the street still retains its leafiness despite

it now has traffic lights but
the midday bustle is
still a quiet one

it’s the first street I knew –
when arrived I was first a neighbour
to the ghosts of the king’s elephants

where once there was a large corner building
that was dismantled almost overnight
and has been a vacant block ever since

where still there is what looks to be
a hotel about to open

where there are still a few tuktuk drivers
that I’ve known for 11 years now
clumping about

shops shift and change to the rhythm of
the business cycle, or whatever mysterious
lurching economic mechanism it is
that propels such things

behind the streetfronts,
the small villages,
the Brownian motion of life in
constant resting restlessness that
never seems to change
except for the children getting taller

not so many motodops now
and yet I only walk a few steps
before one recognises me
as a user of motodops
and pulls over for me

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