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In the long new year, part 2: Easter Stretch

April 23, 2020

the street continues to clear itself
imperceptibly and then dramatically
as those usually kept afloat by the
vigorous energy of the crowds
are no longer bobbing in the surf

the vista resembles
a dried up salt lake
in the middle of an abstract continent

a quick rearrangement
so some of the vacant positions
have been taken up by
new outfits
and some have returned quietly
in hope of catching passing business
between the closed gates

out on the streets
we toss eyes at each other
as greetings

and by some grace
we are blessed with thunderstorms in the night
that tease then satisfy
and sometimes coax us to stand naked
to receive the blessings of the rain


traffic sparse
like new years of old
pigeons jaywalking while
motodops have retreated to
particlar corners
away from mine
but somehow Norodom Boulevard
is heavily armed by uniforms of all shades

a car-proud motorist
ostentatiously hoses down his Lexus
on the shores of the salt lake

the workers building the new hotel
still flood the lunchtime streets
and the endless roadworks on 19
continue to be endless

up in my room
the sound of ancient new year games
trickle and slam across the empty air
despite the official cancellation
for the people will always find a way
to celebrate
and three storeys of guitars
are rostered throughout the hours

what were heresies
now are habits
and vice versa

perhaps we needed a break
from the relentlessness
that we found ourselves in;
we are meeting ourselves
in ways we had forgotten


it’s a whirlpool
today is written
on onionskin
that trembles and flickers at each vibration:
the footsteps of doom
or maybe those of impending rescue

laughter and sneers
but underneath our minds, aghast,
stand with mouths open
as if we want to catch flies by swallowing

tomorrow already seems behind us
today belongs to another year

this is our whirlpool
and we are welcome to it


there are statistics
that prove whatever
is desired to be proven

some shutters now unshuttered
like buds in an early spring
as life urges upwards and onwards
and yet it seems too early
and yet for some it is too late

we discuss strategies
in the face of the unknown
they comfort us
as we watch time pass
flicker by flicker
flicker by flicker
flicker by flicker



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