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it takes a village of saints

July 7, 2020

Saint Agatha for bakers and bell makers
Saint Joseph of Cupertino for poor students and test takers
Saint Anthony for missing persons and lost things

Saint Marculf against scrofula
Saint Alexius for belt makers and nurses
Saint Hyacinth for those in danger of drowning

Saint Mark the Evangelist for Egypt
Saint Rose of Lima for Peru
Saint Louis for Mauritius

Saint Quentin for chaplains, locksmiths and tailors
Saint Zita for servants and waiters
Saint Sebastian for athletes and soldiers

Saint Valentine for…. beekeeping

Saint George for the English, Saint Joan for the French
Saint Patrick for the Irish, the Nigerians and the engineers

Saint Eligius for taxi drivers, farriers and farmers
Saint Frances of Rome for automobile drivers
Saint Genesius for actors and comedians and clowns

Saint John of God for nurses and sellers of books
Saint Martha for dietitians and cooks
Saint Raphael the Archangel for doctors and shepherds
and matchmakers

Saint Joseph against doubt and hesitation,
for travellers and the pregnant,
for Vietnam and Cambodia

Saint Rene Goupil for anesthesiologists
Saint Helen of Constantinople for archeologists
Saint Quirinus of Neuss against smallpox and gout

Saint Pancras against cramp, headache and perjury
Saint Michael against dangers at sea
Saint Christina the Astonishing against insanity

Saint Harvey against eye diseases
Saint Baldus against cold weather
Saint Rocco for second-hand dealers and grave diggers,
against knee problems and skin diseases

watching over benignly, standing by to assist
it takes a village of saints

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