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August 26, 2020

hmm, so a new hat

perhaps hats are like tarot decks:
for greatest efficacy they should
be gifted to you

my cells have now
been replaced after
seven years of the battered hat
that was
to be fair
pretty battered when it was
gifted to me
one night on stage at Slur Bar

it was a real hat replacing
a long, long run of
tourist hats that
never seemed to want to stay

a change
and the world did not
collapse in shock
perhaps the world
has other issues at present

the silhouette remains
only slightly altered
so I will not go unnoticed
for better or worse

the size is definitely an improvement
the battered hat was always
just a little too tight
and the new one
has ventilation
intended rather than through wear

the battered hat
has survived
France and Hong Kong
and worst of all
it has been squashed
left in tuk tuks
been blown off while on
the back of motos
it has earned
its retirement

so yes
a new hat
under which
the brain will cook
for some more years to come
for better or worse


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