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omenic dreams

December 22, 2020

omenic dreams

the splitting of time
into a series of sequences
stretched across space
from the city to the seaside
through windows and
around logical obstacles

and fragments of memories
remind me how I am aging
while still remembering
the odd things that I am remembering
snippets of songs
offhand passing comments
collage of entanglements
banging around in my head
along with half-written melodies
and half-remembered dreams

omenic dreams?
that is still to be determined
but encircled with the swirling thoughts
of art and its importance
and how to be close
and to share

are they a return to
recurrences of the past
these few unconnected points
that have in common that
they’re happening in my head
next to each other  
in this particular week
that is masquerading as Christmas

visions of flight from
the city to the seaside
or the seaside to the city
landscape choices
I choose the city
but flying would be nice

I do not long for much these days
and maybe I’m nostalgic for longing
and maybe I’m just patient
and enjoying the waiting

at fifteen years of age
some sanctimonous lunk
on seeing me moving
stacks of plastic chairs
your reward will be in heaven

for so many years
I guess I believed that
until I realised he used too many words:
my reward is heaven

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