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unless we look

March 1, 2021

at the intersection of the here-and-now
and the was-and-then
a sky-high keening sound, pale blue,
like a picture of a passage of time
ripples as a scenic backdrop to
the daily flow of tides and liquids
that pass for food, shelter, companionship

thinking of those stillborn conversations that
recommend defenestration
it’s not their fault that they are ignorant
and their assumptions are absurd

the again-approach of dates
that will fall onto the table as if
it’s a game of solitaire
with an unshuffled deck
they accumulate with age, of course,
and with choices

the physical map of bumps and troughs
shows what we’ve been through
and what we’re carrying

some themes and topics will always return
even in the background, like a breeze or a tune
that barely registers
unless we are paying attention
unless we are noticing
unless we look
(you dirty chook)

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