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the beat goes on

April 8, 2021

my generation it seems has much nomaded
across place and time
we seem to have moved farther and wider
seeking our spot
before and since

and characters from previous episodes
show up unbidden in the thoughtscape;
the collective memory
massively fragmented
in the absence of any collective

but then there is the curse of each generation:
for sure it was always thus

we sit with handfuls of untidied ends –
we don’t know the further destiny of
the minor characters who passed through our lives
here or there or the many wherevers
and sometimes not even the intergalactic interwebs can find them
should we find overextended moments to indulge in such

and it’s not like we want to say hi
we just want to take a peep through historic clouds
and see how happy or otherwise they appear
through warm, unshuttered windows
that we can return to our own shutters
and run them once again through the thoughtscape
and let the stories tell themselves

so we beat on, boats against the current,
borne back ceaselessly into the past

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