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ashes from the archive

May 2, 2021

searching the archive
for new old sounds
following leads and
looking under rocks

thus approaching a long untouched stone
unsure what it covers
when the music takes me by the hand
and says:

don’t be scared
it was a long time ago
you know the scars are healed
you did the work

sure enough
but stealthily
an afternoon creeps through old soundtracks
anticipating words and phrases
from back in the driving days
long locked up

hidden inside are the fruits
of my raking through the ashes
even while I was building a new fire
itself long ashes now

we spend so much time driving
and singing along
some bits are bound to stick
and there are always some that taste of ashes

we spend so much of our youth
hard at work figuring things out
and so much of our post youth
justifying how we got here

it’s good that we find friends
who we will never meet
who unknowingly help reflect our angst
back between their lines
and never get cross when they get put back in the drawer
or abandoned under stones

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