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all the children sing

January 1, 2022

writing new year words
in a freshly purchased new year notebook
the cover of which says
I want to go to see you and hug you
underneath a picture of a fish
next to pictures of large city buildings
a motorcycle
and a rocky coast

which tells a story in itself, no?

the first words I have written
are possibly a song
that popped into my head
as I wandered down from my room
to the stationary
to buy a new (year) notebook

having claimed my favourite breakfast seat
and ordered food
and scribbled
I will now
sit back and see
what the new year has to offer

and all the children sing

it’s the kind of day
that makes you want to say
what a beautiful day

after the kind of night
that makes you say
what a great night

in the kind of a place
that makes you say
what a wonderful place

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