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Waldorf & Statlering: notes from a corner seat

April 11, 2022

is that Zizek who’s at the bar every night? 
even philosophers deserve a holiday in Cambodia

the walking smoking woman is back,
walking and smoking

sometimes a crowded room is too much
sometimes it’s the only thing

some songs need a rest
but the crowd cannot be relied upon
to make those sorts of judgements
still things could be a great deal worse

to get to the point where you can stop in a moment and say:
this is how my life ought to be lived!
in the midst of daily life
that’s something to strive for
once that ol’ hierarchy of needs
gets sorted out

as the jukebox from hell descends
the dancing space is thick with the two-step
and even Zizek is having a go

the faces of the returned
show a taste for life
a thirst somewhat tested
and then bested

as a swan-line round of shots rolls back necks
like a breaking surf
another punctuation on another night

sweet sip and sour tang
guitar-o sturm und drang
with a touch of the groove thang

late night scribbled bad rhyme:
excuse me
Zizek on the dance floor made me do it

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