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daydreams and nightsweats

April 19, 2022

which end to hold the candle
which way to make it blink
daydreams and nightsweats
moonshadows and sunstreams

what assertions are being made
in the subconscious this week?

everyday revelations give way to
the pondering of imagery chosen
curiosity as to the speed of delivery
and the veracity of the character

an attempt to wrestle the narrative
from one part of the brain to the other
proving again hopeless at complex tasks
and multiple layers of confusion 

not a day for control in the physical world
and yet nothing has broken for quite a while
except perhaps broken sleep broken speech
broken powers of expression 

sleep is a dark space illuminated by snatches of dreams
that seem to take place in daylight
or so I recall
I guess sometimes night falls
and me with it
into the day

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