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who am I?

July 21, 2022

who am I?
I am here
I am tonight
earlier I was today
and if I make it to tomorrow, well,
we’ll see

I am what I do and what I eat
and who I am when I have a couple too many
but also who I am when sober

I am where I am
and where I’ve been
and who I’ve known
and who I’ve loved

and even something of those I’ve never known
who I thought I understood
and those I did understand
they’re all in there

cross-pollinated and cross-bred
a mongrel bitser of the ups and the downs
the lefts and rights and wrongs

I am my nature
and my nurture
my genetics and my upbringing
my demographics and my generation

I can’t escape that,
even though I never felt I had much in common
with my generation
until I found my tribe
we wilderness riders, misfits and creators

who am I?
I am the one sitting scribbling in a notebook
in the rainy season
waiting to play
perhaps that’s all for now

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