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For Ernie, on the taking of his next step

September 28, 2022

happy trails my friend
and may the force be unforced with you

(from one who now finds the road calling less and less
one who now often feels exhausted
by the twists and turns the month-by-month)

it is refreshing and replenishing to be reminded
of the decisions that are there to be grappled with
anew in discovery as life so often is

(perhaps I’m just in a rut)

although our lives have charted different courses
and it is merely by outrageous chance that
we are crossing paths through this angsty decade
our occasional collisions and shared passions are
a source of bound and uplift

to puncture the sky with guffaws
to fill a sodden afternoon
to warm hearts

let us not say goodbye
let us instead say:  ectoplasm

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