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Going placidly

January 10, 2023

and so I went placidly

by a different and unfamiliar but resoundingly absorbed name

navigating through the subtle language of games

and momentary choices and inventions of delight

a chaotic clarity of intersecting souls

a revolving dance of

shouts and hollers and whispers and giggles

where rituals are made fresh and smiles made wide

talk of many things with a heavy dollop of nonsense

where time slips rather than drags

spins rather than sits

what are you trying to show me

and tell me

there is more to absorb

where names are displaced by love

Venn diagram overlay at a certain level

then we are transfigured into fun with sticks and balls

and that persistent mirror





up high and beyond

new stratagems are concocted

and futures begin to be at least conceptually constructed

butterflies and magick and stories of hope

this is where we live; awake; rejoice

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