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the great drunken square dance of life

February 9, 2023

Let healers be healers
And drunkards be drunkards
And scribblers scribble and occasionally share their lines

Let balcony dwellers dwell on balconies
And let drummers drum at appropriate times of the day

Let children make mischief so that they see
Where mischief may lead

Let the isms and the ologies stew in their own juices
Let them be allocated short periods of time
To elucidate their arguments in controlled environments

Let there be penalties for those who TALK IN ALL CAPS
In built-up areas – at least restore their sense of hearing
Or temporarily attentuate mine

Let dogs be dogs and keep them away from me
Let cats be cats except under stages

Let luddites be – just let us be
Let ranters rant
It doesn’t last long
Even this one is almost over

Let us all sing and let us all dance
In our own way
And let us swap back and forth
In the great drunken square dance of life

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