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we don’t choose what we remember but we choose which stories to tell

January 15, 2023

in my callow youth
a boss of mine once sent me to the hardware store
to buy self-tapping screws
as if I knew what they were
so did I go listening for a soft shoe shuffle in aisle seven?
I can’t recall

so you see these days I am living that business of
remembering 40 year old comments in detail
and forgetting to do things I said I would do yesterday
a stranger and yet more understandable malaise
than the ones before

we get older alone
but in proximity
each finding deep connections to the trivial
that make about as much sense as
Easter eggs in January

wisdom is not come of
sending a fool on a fool’s errand
furthermore, never eat oysters in a month with no R
and beware of people wearing suits in general

as I slip into my whitebeard years
it is still a comfort to know that there are people out there
who know all about screws
self-tapping or otherwise
and that therefore keep civilisation running

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