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Love as a rhythm, love as a dance

March 5, 2023

love as a waltz
a march
a twist, a tap, a tarantella

love as a gospel trance
a tango
a Virginia Reel

love as a calypso
a ballet
a mambo, a foxtrot

love as a Charleston
a mashed potato

love as a vamp
a long, anticipating vamp
love as a Lindy Hop

love as a soft shoe shuffle
a watusi
a Madison

love as a quadrille
a jive and stomp
a boogie
a cakewalk

love as a macarena
a skank
a jig

love as a Black Bottom
a romvong

love as a rain dance

Volume 14 now available: then outwards to the world

February 28, 2023

chasing fragments

February 18, 2023

revelations pending
or not

a hint
a humming silence
a shifting shadow
of a fundamental reset
or more of the same

a phantom
a lost suggestion of
what may never occur

still trying to find ways to adapt
without resorting to relocatory protocols

to wait for the avalanche
or seek to peek through the cracks in the wall
that admittedly might prove to just be
childish scribbles on the surface

embrace or wait for one’s turn to embrace?
the embrace alone will tell whether
that was the right move

hide recuperate rearrange and reassess
and then once again
outwards to the world

funny that

February 16, 2023

funny that

there was a time
when labels were something to be avoided

they were a way to keep
the labelled in their place

then the labelled struck back
and started to wear their labels with pride

now the labellers are jealous
and want their own labels

on the source and nature of ideas

February 10, 2023

ideas come big and small
and throughout and wholly withal
some larger than one person can comfortably carry
others slipped in between the pages of slim volumes
to be discovered by the next reader

some are more awkward than heavy,
requiring greater attention to balance
or perhaps a better angle to manoeuvre

through a narrow doorway
some fall with the rain
chasing drops
escaping clouds
dissolving in puddles

yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of earth
I know the trilobites and sabre-toothed deer have trodden the path before
and also that the lillies of the field are still with us
they do not grieve over the passage of time
mind you they don’t sweat or fart
or take a calming glass on a Thursday afternoon either

there are ideas swift and apt
and ponderous and late
ideas that come embarrassingly early
before the party hosts are appropriately prepared
and so suffer the dull thunder of conversations
forced rather than flowing

there are ideas flat and ideas swollen
sometimes they require careful unfolding
and there are ideas that turn out
not to be ideas at all
or flashes of insight that
somebody sparked already
elsewhere, elsetime

yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of birth
awaiting the drop of the next boot
along the path of the inevitable
I do not hang my head but rather risk being run down
looking above me at greenleaf skies and frozen music arches
and the laughter in passing faces
surely there is more danger in ignoring such
flourishes of delight

ideas come black white and brindle
multicoloured and grey
psychedelic and muted
tumbling through windows like distracted clowns
through doors like disoriented birds
through villages like skateboarders looking for their tribe

and some just lie around waiting to be found or overlooked
forgotten or recalled
taking it easy, man,
taking it easy
I’ll be ready when they call

the great drunken square dance of life

February 9, 2023

Let healers be healers
And drunkards be drunkards
And scribblers scribble and occasionally share their lines

Let balcony dwellers dwell on balconies
And let drummers drum at appropriate times of the day

Let children make mischief so that they see
Where mischief may lead

Let the isms and the ologies stew in their own juices
Let them be allocated short periods of time
To elucidate their arguments in controlled environments

Let there be penalties for those who TALK IN ALL CAPS
In built-up areas – at least restore their sense of hearing
Or temporarily attentuate mine

Let dogs be dogs and keep them away from me
Let cats be cats except under stages

Let luddites be – just let us be
Let ranters rant
It doesn’t last long
Even this one is almost over

Let us all sing and let us all dance
In our own way
And let us swap back and forth
In the great drunken square dance of life

a selection of jumbled late night notebook notes – at least those that are legible

February 1, 2023

welcome to the show
of the creatures of the night

fish on the sand
but maybe George already?

I’ll believe it when I see it
with my own iceballs

unreleased latent ambition:
to play a dead body on a TV show

17, 19, 27
flip the switch and away we go

some forgettable song
about two minutes too long

Billy cable
Bar Oz
lady drink eyes

mosquito spray
Walk Away Renee

odd times of the night

January 25, 2023

the personality preferences that once provided structure for
earlier seasons
earlier ages
accumulate in uninvestigated corners
as useless as abandoned telephone numbers
or indeed abandoned telephones
once existed as the architecture of our character
whether we needed them or only thought we did
now just jumbles of doovas and thingummies
thick with dust
a rummage in the suitcase or storage box
finds many of them useless now
but with a veneerish glow
reminding how important we once thought they were
strange to think that a hill
we once would have fought to the death for
can become so lost
its ghostly absence only lingering
in remembrances
at odd times of the night

cats and dogs

January 24, 2023

we have our cages
and an awareness that can be wrenched
from our safety at any moment

maybe that’s why we can be cruel
when it’s called for

the tumult and catastrophe
swirl around us and we are
unable to control it

we bare our teeth
and exercise our claws
and settle into a panicky kind of coping

upon release we give thanks
and clench our jaws against
the impending return of the cage

that is what we gain for being
smart and unowned
cats not dogs


January 18, 2023

a smear is as good as a painting
a pile is as good as a sculpture
a tapping is as good as a rhythm
on the days when you are as happy as happy birthday

a miss is as good as a catch
a smile is as good as a hug
a trip is as good as a dance
on the days when you are as happy as happy birthday

a dawn is as bright as a noon
a dusk is a bluesy tune
a streetlight is as romantic as the moon
on the days when you are as happy as happy birthday

dusk/twisting turning everlasting tune
on the days when you are as happy as happy birthday