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trace of thought

January 14, 2018

tracing a thought
down through its train
where it left traces
of itself as it traversed
that which it is given
to traverse

running down the line
running down the line
running along the line
along the rails
along the track
along the rails
along the track
along the rails
along the track

until barely
a trace


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January 6, 2018

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December 23, 2017

did you see it
is that what it was
perhaps it just a picture of it
ceci n’est pas une pipe

was it a hint of it or
is it now half-spelled out in the
faulty technicolour of time

was it there
or could you have been mistaken
perhaps a passing mirror
may have distorted its location,
thrown its voice across the corridor
tumbled it out the window

were there witnesses
can you corroborate
that which was written
in air and space
before your eyes

and just because
you recall it,
that doesn’t mean
it happened

to preserve freshness

December 23, 2017

some songs
should only be played
even the best ones,
to preserve freshness

once they get stale
songs leave a bad taste
in the ears
and can clear a room

and hang
in the air
it seems
to be easily
called to mouth
when requests
are made

but then
even bad songs
end eventually

Jesus and Santa

December 21, 2017

Jesus and Santa
sit in a green room
playing chess

time passes
it’s a quarter to Easter
Jesus stands up and stretches

get me some cigs
while you’re out there
says Santa

you’ll owe me a carton
by December
says Jesus

three days later
Jesus comes back
with some smokes
and some water
and they toast
and resume

time passes
it’s a quarter to Christmas
Santa pulls on his boots

you’re up by five
says Jesus,
lacing his sandals

cigs are on me then,
says Santa
see you next week

safe travels
says Jesus

back atcha
says Santa

minor repairs

November 28, 2017

for a couple of weeks
the heel of my right hand boot
has been quietly
cleaving itself in twain
so I finally got on my bicycle
to escape the laptop
and rolled around to my boot repair man

he wasn’t in
at his little workshop
perched in front of the mobile phone shop,
but I took a seat on the
small plastic stool
and waited
amongst the mysterious
pots and parts and
tools – he couldn’t be far away

I played a few songs in my head
as the traffic passed,
saw a few familiar faces
going about their various business
on a Tuesday afternoon,
as I went about my business
of a quiet moment
on a Tuesday afternoon

my boot repair man appeared
and waved
and trotted across the road

he sat and reviewed the damage briefly,
gave a nod
and commenced

with nimble fingers
some glue
some twine
a lighter
a smudge of boot black
and it was done –

oh, another quick go
with the lighter

how much bong?
2,000 riel
too cheap bong
as ever
I said
as I overpaid

the sky was overcast
as if it might rain later,
but at this time of the year
who knows?

even if it does,
my boots are now in
good repair

when I got home,
Ella was still singing
stopping time
in the way she does

daft questions

November 22, 2017

experiencing life as a series of
modes of response
to external stimuli

something to be grateful for:
I have not been asked
where I see myself in five years
for a very long time

this is probably because:
a) I haven’t had a job interview
for a very long time
b) I’m 50 now and
my future is irrelevant
c) nobody cares
d) it’s obvious

ah, to be 16 again
with what we know now –
and yet we would be forced to answer
all those daft questions again