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mushroom, of chronicles fame

September 29, 2022

just like that he was gone

for one last nap together
he sat like a sphinx on my heart
perhaps saying farewell
I merely rested before the next lap
and then was gone
and in the morning I was alone

no sign of my companion
one month short of seven years later
which apocryphally means I’m almost
a completely different set of cells

his leap had been reduced to necessities
his appetite dwindling to naught
he was hiding more and more

then the morning came when he was no longer hiding
there was nowhere to search
he went where I cannot follow
not yet anyway

so no more complaints expressed in piss
no more early morning alarm clock of
deft and gentle clawing at delicate exposed skin
no more quiet companionship on beery feetonthedesk afterwork afternoons
no more blithe walking across the keyboard

April may be the cruelest month
but this September has been approaching vicious

and so another morning
and so another morning
and eventually I’ll stop saying cheerio
when heading out for the next lap

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